Brand new fiberglass resurfacing question


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Jun 18, 2018
Lake Almanor, CA
We just got our pool resurfaced with fiberglass. Went from funky vinyl liner to super nice coating. The resurfacing guy recommended [after a 24 hour dry] to completely fill pool. I am in the process of this. Very happy with results so far. However, it's getting to be closing time. Probably in a few weeks. We've winterized the pool ourselves with good results for the past three winters. However, I'm not sure if the procedure for fiberglass [particularly a new surface] should be the same or different? I've googled it and found that most recommend not draining the pool very much. Previously we dropped the level way down below the skimmer and output ports. Our winter cover is designed to drop down low to the level of the water. It anchors into the deck. We've had no problems. Any thoughts? Thanks.


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Jul 21, 2013
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Your pool structure is different then an all fiberglass pool where you should not drain much water down. I think you are fine winterizing your pool the way you have done before.