Brand New Fiberglass Pool with Cracks in Corners


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May 4, 2022
Bastrop, Texas
Hello, first time poster. I just had a fiberglass pool shell installed in central Texas. We had several issues with the install and the pool sat for a while so we decided to mostly drain it (per the pool construction company's standards) and clean it and refill it. Upon partially draining it my husband found these cracks on both sides of the deep end, they are both in the corners. I no longer trust our contractor but I know nothing about pools and I'm having a difficult time finding a third opinion. Can someone please tell me the following:

1) How bad is this? Is it a structural issue or cosmetic?
2) Could it have been caused by the pool being picked up and reinstalled (i.e. stress fractures)? This is what our contractor has blamed it on.
3) What is the best way to fix it?

pool_crack (2).jpgpool_crack.jpg
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Welcome to TFP! :wave: That is unfortunate. My initial assessment is it isn't good. Those cracks look more than superficial, and it's disappointing (because I can't use bad words on this forum) to hear that a contractor who SHOULD know better, allowed a FG pool to be emptied and moved around like that. Once a FG pool is initially placed, filled with water, blocked, and locked into place, it's a delicate process to move it. Curious, have you seen any leaks from those cracks? Tried some food coloring to see if it gets sucked outward? I would contact the pool manufacture (Viking, Lathan, San Juan, etc) and let them know your situation. Keep good notes, timelines, emails, photos, etc in case the contractor tries to pull a fast one on you. Sorry to see you go through this.
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