Boy do i need help. green water?


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Jun 12, 2010
Hi all! Im a new pool owner and a new member. Hope i can help you all as much as you all help me. =)

so heres my issue...

3-4 weeks ago my pool was FULL of algae and green all over the walls so i went to home depot bought two bottles of algeacide poured it in my pool and brushed my walls for two days straight. the pool had never looked cleaner but algaecide is soapy so the week after that my pool was always soapy and bubbles all over the top which wasnt right so i decided to shock it. that totally effed my pool water. made it even worse on top of the soapy water. so i went to pool store thinking my physical filter needs to be changed so i paid 150 out of my pocket changed the filter re did it all but that helped a little over the past 1-2weeks but now the past week+ my waters been very murky and green and ive been reading on what to do but no solid answers for me.


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Apr 4, 2009
Welcome to TFP :wave:

Probabably not your filter nor will the algaecide clear the pool. You need chlorine and lots of it.

First, I would suggest in getting a good test kit (tf100 from or Taylor K2006)

Second, Read Pool School....your problem and how to solve it is described here and here

Hope this helps! Post up some test results when you can and please add some pool details to your sig when you get a chance. This info will help us assist you better. Good luck :goodjob:


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Jul 10, 2009
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We need to know your current levels. If you don't have a complete test kit, take your water to a pool store and have the water tested. We need results for:
FC (free chlorine)
CC (combined chlorine)
TA (total alkalinity)
CH (calcium)
CYA (cyuranic acid, also known as stabilizer, or conditioner)

Also if you could go to the user control panel button at the top left of the page just under the TFP logo and enter the following information into your signature it would be greatly appreciated.

pool size in gallons, type (above ground or in ground) and finish (plaster, vinyl liner, fiberglass, ect..)
filter size, brand, and type (DE, cartridge, sand)
pump size in hp and brand (also add if 1, 2 or variable speed)
if you have a salt water chlorine generator, or water features please add that as well.

I'm sure you need to get chlorine into your pool, but without current test numbers I can't tell you how much to add.

Welcome to TFP! We will try and give you some guidance as soon as you can provide us with more information.


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Jun 12, 2010
hey all! so i ran some tests and turns out my acid is very high and chlorine very low! i bought and added this thing to raise ph level and i will shock my pool soon.

i will add my pool info to my sig soon but my pool is a 20,000gallon. i hope what im about to do helps. i will update y'all later. thanks for the help you guys. =)


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Jun 12, 2010
ive had a pool for 10 years and have figured out a couple things. (WHEN OWNING A POOL BE PREPARED TO SPEND $$$). always start out with your Alkalinity make sure its around 80-110 ppm. if your Alk. is low you can add baking soda to raise it without much effect on Ph. (dont believe pool stores when they say its not good for your pool. their just not making money when you buy these alternatives)here is a link for dosage info on the baking soda(aka Sodium bicarbonate). when your Alk. is normal, straighten out your Ph. if your ph is low you can add washing soda(aka sodium carbonate).. dont over do any product. gradually add them so you dont raise your chemical levels too high. always test along the way. (i use both the test strips and the drops)IF YOU have a new pool then you need a chlorine stabalizer. CYA(aka Cyanuric Acid).what you need to do is go to your pool supply store and buy some "granulated chlorine" and a bottle of "chlorine stabalizer" (CYA..Cyanuric Acid)......Once your Ph and Alk. are straightened out add the chlorine stabalizer, let your water circulate for a couple hours.(follow directions on bottle) next add the chlorine granuals. follow directions and dose amount on bottle. once your chlorine level is normal add two gallons of liquid shock. (the liquid shock is not stabalized so it will quickly disapate from the suns UV this point your pool should be a milky blue color. once youve shocked you need to put a chemical in your pool called "pool Flock" ... what this product does is take any floating debre (dead algae etc.) and drop it to the bottom. Before you use this product make sure your ph is 7.8 or higher. (if you dont product wont work right)... to raise ph add more washing soda (not to be confused with detergent)... once youve added the flock (follow directions on bottle) you will wake up to a clear pool with a very dirty floor. Now you have to VACUME TO WASTE. vacume your pool very slowly, adding more water to your pool when needed. once youve vacumed your pool all the way take your brush and brush your pool bottom and walls. Now you need to add "pool clarifier".. what this product does is grabs any particle too small for your filter to grab and sticks them together so your filter can filter them out...Remember to backwash you pool after vacuming and a day after you add clarifier. Now your pool should be crystal clear..Enjoy.... remember to do your research.. Look these thing up so your familiar with them or you will have problems for ever....
1. free chlorine
2. combined chlorine
3. alkalinity
4. Ph
5. stabalized and unstabalized chlorine

Also algaecide are really ment to prevent algae. once you already have algae its pointless to use... Also you used a cheap algaecide thats why it foamed up so badly... when getting "some" chemicals dont just go out and get the cheapest thing you can find. if you have any more questions about any thing or if u would like what i told you in step by step form dont hesitate to ask, im here!(to do all of this i would expect to spend about $120) ITS NEVER GOOD TO OVERDOO ANY CHEMICAL. IF U DONT ADD ENOUGH THE FIRST TIME YOU CAN ALWAYS ADD MORE


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Aug 19, 2009
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Welcome to TFP hyethug015, please read the pool school you will learn so much there, also I'm sure by tomorrow a mododerator of this site will help you and guide you on what to do step by step. Congratulations on finding this site! Your pool will be crystal clear in no time


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May 7, 2007
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hyethug015, you should post a full set of water test results. If you don't have a good test kit, get the water tested at a pool store.

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