Bounce house blower for closing?


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Mar 18, 2019
Yorkville, IL
So we’ve collected a few bounce house fans from kids inflatables over the years, and I’m wondering if anyone had used something like this to close/blow out a pool? I’ve heard the Cyclone mentioned on the forums, and that got me thinking about this one fan that pushes a LOT of air. Doesn’t seem to have a HP rating that I can find, and I’ll need to do some engineering to get the hoses adapted, but I wanted to see if anyone had a reason I shouldn’t consider using this or if anyone can confirm they’ve done something similar?



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Jun 16, 2019
I was going to try this year. I have a pretty big one from a 10x10x10 waterslide. I had a brand new $650 leaf blower and didnt want to overstress it, eventhough my 15 year old one did fine. When the time came i found the bouncy house blower buried in the rafters of my garage and was too lazy to move alot of stuff to get to it. I also really had my doubts it could work. So I ended up trying my shop vac on a whim instead. It blew out most of the water. Then i used the new leaf blower and vaporized what was left. I was really suprised at how little pressure/volume my shop vac had and how well it worked. It was slow but steady once it built up some pressure. I'm now thinking like i first did that the bouncy blower might actually work. I'll be up in the garage getting something else at some point and i'll bring it down for easy access for next year.

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Jun 22, 2009
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That blower is about ½hp and probably produces about 8" WC static pressure. They're high flow but not very high pressure. In comparison a Cyclone Blower produces about 160"WC.