Bought a house with a pool in Houston


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Jun 9, 2020
Houston, TX
Howdy everyone!

We just purchased a house with a pool. This is our family's first pool and I'm not sure what we've gotten into (I mean that in both a good and bad way)!

So far my wife has been tackling algae spots that pop up every few days with the pool brush while trying to wrap her head around the chemistry and test results from Leslie's. Try as we might, we can't get the chlorine numbers up. The chlorinator has 2 pucks in it (I was told do NOT add a 3rd) and we've been adding bleach every few days. Shocking probably twice a week. Luckily I haven't spent a ton of money on chemicals other than a big tub of 3" pucks (Trichloro) and 36 bags of shock (12 from Leslie's and 24 from Costco). We inherited a jug of Perfectly Weekly and a big tub of Conditioner (100% cyanuric acid).

I, on the other hand, have mainly been working on the equipment. I've learned a lot from taking things apart and trying to fix them. So far I spent a day trying to figure out why my booster pump wasn't putting up pressure: the impeller was sheered clean from the shaft. That was an easy fix once I opened the pump. I'm waiting on a few parts to come in so I can move the chlorinator that was installed right before we moved in. The manual says it should have 6" of straight pipe immediately before it. It was installed with 2x 90 degree elbows immediately in front of it. Not sure if that is lending to our low chlorine numbers, but it was recommended that I also install a check valve between the heater and the chlorinator, so I'll just do both at the same time. I have a Flo-Vis, but the box clearly states not to install it immediately before a chlorinator, so I'm sending it back and I'll just use the Jandy check valve. I've replaced a few seals and gaskets to eliminate leaks. Bought and installed a new Polaris 3900 Sport (because they previous owner threw theirs away.... probably because of the broken booster pump?!?). I have cleaned the filters (which might be 9 years old) and I learned the hard way that the filter housing is made of fiberglass... yes, I bear hugged the top while shirtless. We tested our heater, and its still kicking!

I'm looking forward to the pool becoming more routine and less hassle. Reading the forum here looks like I can get there. Its been an uphill battle so far with someone asking for money every step of the way. I just ordered the TF-100 XL kit with a few extra goodies. I have a SpeedStir on the way. The Katchakid installer is coming back out to adjust a few loose hooks (that net has been a great and easy to use product so far!). My wife and I have agreed to read the Pool School and other initial recommended readings on this site. We are excited and optimistic, and a bit discouraged from our misguided first month and a half.

Let me share our pool!
  • 9,400 gallons
  • Installed 2011 (all equipment is original to the best of my knowledge except the chlorinator and pool sweep)
  • pebble finish
  • Circulator pump - 1 HP, single speed Pentair WFE-4 - runs 8 hours per day on a timer (9a - 5p)
  • Booster pump - Polaris PB4-60 - runs 1.5 hours per day (noon - 1:30p)
  • Pool sweep - Polaris P39 (essentially the 3900 Sport)
  • Water feature pump - 3 HP, single speed Pentair XFE-12 - controlled by an on/off switch
  • 3x Florida falls (that is what the paper work we found called them, thin slits about 3' long each)
  • A single LED light... yes single, looks like an after thought compared to my neighbors pool that glows!
  • Pentair IntelliBrite LED Controller
  • CMP PowerClean Tab Ultra In-line chlorinator
  • Pentair Clean and Clear Plus CCP420 - has 4 filter media
  • Pentair 460736 MasterTemp heater
  • Mechanical timer switches for the circulator and booster


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Welcome to the forum!
Great move on ordering a quality test kit.
Now, dive in to Pool school and learn all about those pucks, bags o shock, the Pool store potions they have sold you, etc. As you will not be using much if any of them if you follow TFPC.
I suggest you read ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry.