Borates Question. Please Help!!


Aug 18, 2015
So I’ve read about adding borates to spa water as an additional buffer to help stabilize TA and Ph as well as make the water feel softer. So my plan is to add 50ppm using the pool math app. My spa is a 375 gal Caldera that I sanitize using the 3 step bromine system. I wanted to use Boric Acid instead of Borax to avoid changing the TA very much. What I found available locally is “Enoz Roach Away”. According to the label it is 99% boric acid and 1% “other”. Is this the stuff I want to use. I just wanted to seek some advice before dumping a bottle of roach killer in the tub ??? Thanks!


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Jun 22, 2015
Littleton, CO
I wouldn't bother with borates in the spa, as the severe areatiation of a spa water, still allows the pH to rise. I have borates I my spa, only because if fill it from the pool with balanced/ sequestered water. I have not noticed any of the borate benefits in my spa. If you are still sold on doing borates, go the Dudas Diesel route.


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Aug 10, 2012
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The combo of adding borates and lowering TA to 50 helped to significantly slow pH rise in my former Texas hot tub. The few times when I refilled and didn't have 20 team mule on hand to add borates the pH rise was noticeably faster.

The amount of borax and acid needed to achieve 50ppm in a spa is very low. It isn't worth the effort to seek out boric acid to make it easier. That really only applies to adding borates to swimming pools.


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Jun 15, 2012
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I like the feel of borates in my tub - it's sort of a softer, gentler feel to the water. Too much makes it slippery, though. I've thought about using the Roach powder, but Borax and Acid isn't really that difficult and gives you an opportunity to fine-the the pH if you need to anyway. Would like to try boric acid (DudaDiesel does indeed have it in granular form at quite reasonable prices).
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