Borates. Better practices


Jun 3, 2020
South Carolina
Looking to take the “plunge” so to speak to add borates to my Salt pool. Looking for any better practices/ ideas/ anything to watch for? Have my boric acid from Duda and special test strips for borates en route. Thanks


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Jul 4, 2013
Great read...


Aug 13, 2019
Mesa, Arizona
I agree, the article above was very helpful as I was considering adding borates. Early this week I pulled the trigger and added 25lbs of boric acid over a few day span. Based on the test strip I am somewhere between 30-50 borates; it was very simple to add and brush around the pool. I liked the price and free shipping from Duda and that they shipped in 5lb bags. My goal in adding borates was to buffer my PH due to our rock water feature and was hopeful it would mitigate our wasp problem.
I am close to a week in and we went from having countless wasps coming and going all day long for 2 years to zero wasps in the last 2 days. I am hoping this remains true because sharing the pool with wasps has been a pain.
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