Borate test


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Jul 20, 2010
Hi , I've been reading about borax ,
Before I add any to my pool I need to get test strips, now I'm in south Africa and have not found any this side , the 1's I have found are all in the usa and none of the stores ship this side,
Question is does anyone know of an online shop that will post to south Africa ?

Melt In The Sun

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Oct 29, 2009
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Etie, welcome to TFP!
I can't help with the supplier issue, of the nice things about borates is that the level is not really critical. If you don't have a lot of water replacement (backwashing, rainwater overflow, etc; not evaporation), the borate levels will stay pretty stable. So, you could add ~50 ppm, and give it a little bump every time you replace some water, and you'll be fine.

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