Booster Pump Install Help


Oct 3, 2010
Hey Guys,

I'm planning to install the booster pump this weekend. I need yall help on how to proceed with the plumbing.

1. Do I need to redo the piping OR I can cut maybe few inches off and insert the 2 inch T fitting?

2. Is this the correct stuffs to glue the PVC piping for swimming pool? These are Oatey Purple Primer(30756) + Rain-R-Shine PVC Cement(30891). Homedepot have these PVC cement range from Light-Medium-Heavy Duty. I'm not sure which one I need.

Thanks in advance!


If you unscrew thoses 3/4 fittings on the booster pump, what is the pipe size? Also, while your cutting, get rid of that chlorine feeder. In the long run, you'll be happier! Glue pictured is fine. Becareful with the rain r shine, it's blue and drips which can be messy looking.


Sep 23, 2010
Also make sure the booster pump is set to the voltage you have running everything. I installed our new one a couple months ago and it came preset to 110v which our system is running on 220v. Generally there is a sticker or something on the unit that states the preset voltage but this particular pump either didn't have one or it fell off.


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If you have not worked with PVC before, make sure you can "dry fit" the parts before you do that splice. Spreading apart sch 40 pvc pipe can be quite difficult with the short lengths you are working with.

Perhaps you can drain the filter and slide it backwards to make up one side of the T, and then slide it back forward to complete the job.

The glue you purchased is fine.


Syncmaster said:
Thanks for quick response!

The pipe is 2 inch. Why get rid of the chlorine feeder?
The inner diameter of the openings in the booster pump after you take the 3/4 fittings is 2"? If you have time, read Pool School and specifically about CYA. Chlorine tabs have CYA as a filler and if not careful, can add to much to your pool.