Bonding Concrete Collar Around Steel Wall In-Ground Pool


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Jun 29, 2010
I am installing a 16'x36' steel wall inground pool kit from PW. The walls include holes in the bottom flange to hammer rebar through. They recommend one piece of rebar per panel. I need to pour a ~8" thick concrete collar around the base of the outside pool walls. I know the concrete must be bonded. To do so, I plan to bond to the rebar that will be embedded in the concrete once poured. My question is how many of the ~20 pieces of rebar should I bond? All? In Googling, I see a lot of references to four corners/points, but that seems to be for installations that use a rebar grid.


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Jun 25, 2020
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are you talking about rebar in the concrete collar in the base of the pool walls? As long as all metal is mechanically attached to each other all you need to do is run one continuous bonding loop around the pool connected at 4 points to the pool walls - though i was told the inspector might want to see more points of contact so i did 8. That bonding loop also attaches to the bond lug to my light niche, the deck box for the light, the bonding lugs for the ladder and then runs to the equipment pad to attach to all equipment then runs back up to the sub panel bonding lug to close the loop.
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