Bonding a Hayward pump with an Intex pool?


Feb 28, 2013
Florida Space Coast
First of all, I don't know electrical things and I've tried to get a pool installer or an electrician to come out and do this for me, but they won't. It may be that this is just not necessary; I would like an opinion from anyone who does know about electrical things and soft sided AGP pools and Hayward motors. So...
I have a 22 foot Intex UltraFrame (soft sides, metal frame) plumbed with 1.25" pvc leading to a covered porch for equipment about 30 feet away, and using a GFCI outlet. The Intex pump gave out, and I found a Hayward pump designed for above ground pools, that seemed less likely to be overstrained by the long run of pipe. (Hayward W3SP1580X15 Power Flo 1.5 HP)
It has an attached 3 prong plug, and seemed straightforward. However, the manual has things about bonding and grounding that are not straightforward.
I have called Hayward, and they seem to be saying that is about steel sided pools. I've called pool companies, they won't touch AGPs. I've called electricians and the only one who didn't just say nope, said that the GFCI outlet supplies the ground and that bonding really just doesn't apply to my type of pool.
Do I need to worry about all this, or just plug in the pump to the GFCI outlet?
If it really is needed, I just don't understand where the end of the buried wire circle goes. I understand it's to equalize potential, I understand the spacing, I understand attaching to 4 equidistant points in the frame, but I can't get a clear answer about what next. Does the end go to the service panel? To the pump? To an outlet? To a random passing squirrel?
Very confusing, and frustrating. Can anyone help?