Bond beam construction


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Sep 15, 2019

I’m at the stage of the build to form the bond beam around a vinyl liner pool. What type of cement should I use?

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Aug 10, 2017
Morris Cnty NJ
You make the form a half inch shorter than the length of coping accounting for overhang. On a 12" paver coping its usually 10.5 inches from face of pool wall. I use cheapest 1x5 or 6 I can find and use PVC for curves. I buy 1/4" sheet pvc in 4x8 amd use tips off of it for that. I use redimix delivered amd spec 4000 mix w 3/8" gravel with fibermesh and plasticizer to get good flow. You need to get under the wall lips amd around braces. I also make boomerangs from 18" pieces of 3/8 rebar and go thru the top hole of wall panel where any panels bolt together. The concrete is thinnest there and eventually cracks. Most liner track sticks up a half inch over top of wall I use either cement board strips on top zipped to wall with TEK ceramic self tappers or you can zip metal lathe and skim that with mud when setting coping. Cement board is less messy IMO but curved pools usually go metal lathe