Blue/White cloudy water after shocking, fix?


Jul 31, 2019
Minneapolis, MN
At the beginning of the season, the pool was green and was testing with test strips ( have since purchased a tf-100 kit). I started with balancing TA, pH, CH, then CYA. Did a shock at what was supposed to calculate out to 30ppm in a 5600 gallon pool.
Pool went from green to a cloudy blue/white color but it was so cloudy I could only see an object 2 feet deep. I was vacuuming the floor but not seeing what was on the bottom made it difficult to ensure full clean up. After a week of filtration, vacuuming, and adding more liquid chlorine, it was still cloudy so I did a partial drain and restarted the balancing cycle. This time, I had the tf-100 kit. Water was glistening like the movies.

After 2 week period of neglect due to traveling, the pool went green again. After balancing and shock, I've got the same result - cloudy water, low visibility. It's been 5 days of filtration and vacuuming but still cloudy.

What is the alternative to a partial drain? Or do I just keep pumping and vacuuming?

Current pool levels:
TA - 120
pH - 7.4
CH - 220
CYA - 40
FC/TC - 4
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