Blue Torrent SWG - Error Code 5


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Apr 27, 2020
Moyock, NC
Hey guys! So I just finished a SLAM. My pool is crystal clear! SWG worked through the entire process - no issues at all. As soon as I finished the SLAM the SWG stopped working! Ugh! It's giving me a temp error light and reading error 5 on the display. My water is 72 degrees. I cleaned the cell and it worked ok for about 5 minutes and stopped again.

Anyone have experience with this brand? I am fairly certain it's generic as I have seen the same SWG branded differently.

This was included in the kit I purchased.



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Feb 16, 2016
You might want to call this company as they are the USA distributor of the brand.

The forum would be interested to see if they help you or brush you off because I believe they are mainly just an importer/exporter.
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