Blue Square Eclipse Drain


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Dec 5, 2019
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we are in the design phase of an inground pool. The PB defaulted us to a suction cleaner that attaches to one of our two skimmers in the initial quote. We don’t know how we feel about 1) occupying a skimmer and 2) the aesthetics of a hose coming out of the skimmer.

We have only ever had a pressure cleaner in previous pools, so we are new to the suction cleaner world. I think we are okay with a suction cleaner as there is not much foliage in our backyard and the only trees we intend on planting are palm trees. I asked the PB if we could at least get a dedicated suction port to eliminate the skimmer attachment issue, and he came back with an option that is intriguing.

He proposed a Blue Square Eclipse Drain both in the pool and spa. I googled it and the aesthetics of it are pretty cool, but wondering about the effectiveness of this cleaning method. Anyone have direct experience with this? Our pool is rather small - 15’ x 30’ where a tanning ledge and spa take up about 8’ of the 30’ length.

I am unable to find any reviews on the interwebz. Should I just push the dedicated suction port on the wall again?

Any suggestions are welcome.


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May 3, 2014
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Have you considered getting a Robot pool cleaner? Much more efficient and much better at keeping your pool clean.
Review the Pool Cleaners forum. Many of us have Maytronics/Dolphin brand robots.

Your main drain does very little in keeping your pool clean. To be honest, most pools have no need for a main drain.


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Jul 7, 2014
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Using any water powered cleaner is like using an old black rotary-dial party line phone, instead of a new smart phone.. I suggest that you move up into this Century and look at at one of the low voltage DC Robots.. They do a much better job and do not require you to run your pump...


Jim R.