Blue Pearl vs Blue Diamond


May 30, 2007
Hi - I have an 18x36 IG gunite with a broken polaris (the high pressure line broke under the concrete)
Instead of fixing this (it will probably cost almost as much as a robotic) I'm thinking of getting a blue pearl. Is the blue diamond worth the extra money. Pool shape is irregular with lots of curves.


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Apr 30, 2007
I had almost the exact same situation last year. My pool is 20 x 40 IG Vinyl an my polaris line broke. After getting cost estimates I plugged the line and bought a blue pearl and have never looked back. It works great. The filter bag does a great job polishing the water and gets stuff out that my huge DE filter does not. No need to buy the expensive one in my mind.


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Apr 22, 2007
I have a Blue Diamond RC. I really like it, but after I got it, I realized that I probably would have been just as happy with a Blue Pearl. I have a particular situation about my pool with toe stubbers in the bottom for returns that I was worried the cleaner would get hung up on, so thought I needed the remote. I've had such problems with this with any of the suction side cleaners I had tried before. The BD goes right over them with no problem, and I'm sure the Blue Pearl would, too.


May 30, 2007
Well I opted for the Blue Diamond mainly for the 4 year warranty. Was only $300 more and comes with a caddy and hopefully will last longer.
Will update when it arrives


Apr 9, 2007
Toronto Canada
I just received my Aquabot Viva, which is essentially the same as the Blue Diamond remote control model.

I'll review it after I use it a couple of far looks promising.

I actually paid less for the remote model than the list price of the Blue Diamond without remote. :-D