Blow out water lines: leaf blower vs professional device?


Mar 23, 2019
Chicago suburbs
Hi all -
I have about 50 ft of PVC from my above ground pool to the pump/heater. The pool installer used a 3HP blower like the one below to blow out the water from the pipes when it was time to close up the pool for the winter:

Has anyone used a leaf blower instead? If so: any insight/advice you can provide is most appreciated!

I used a Toro 51619 leaf blower to blow out the antifreeze out of the heater; it can do 340 CFM. Not sure how well it will do with blowing out the water lines...

Thanks again for any advice anyone can provide.


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Jun 16, 2019
I have a commercial backpack blower (redmax) and it would vaporize the water in the pipes. I had a 15 year old model that I was trying to kill to justify the newer and bigger model. It would not die. Finally i got the new one anyway but then I didn't want to use the brand new one that wasnt even broken in yet. So this last season I used the exhaust port on my shop vac and I was amazed how well it worked. It was slower but still pushed 95% of the water out. Then i let the leaf blower finish what was left. I duct tape the blower pipe to the return and skimmer pipe to seal off air leaks and let her rip. My shop vac doesn't have nearly the 340cfm that your blower has. It will probably work fine. Put a gallon of RV antifreeze in the pipe before you cap it. Lowes had it for something like $3.88 last year. 'Pool antifreeze' might be $15 a gallon and its the same stuff.
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