Blotchy White Stains on Dark Wet Edge Finish


Feb 16, 2020
Charleston, SC
Our pool was finished about 6 months ago. It's a plaster, saltwater pool. 11,500 gallons. I've been using the trouble free pool water chemistry guide for balancing and I've had no issues with the water except chlorine lock once. The finish is Wet Edge Luna Quartz, St. Maarten.

2-3 weeks after the pool was finished & filled, I started noticing white & gray stain patches on the bottom and sides (towards the bottom). It showed up inconsistently around the pool in large uneven patches. We confirmed it's not etching or scale and the water chemistry was within parameters. So they tried using Jack's #2 on it. It caused a small reaction so they treated the pool with it, but it didn't have much of an effect.

6 months later, it's very slowly gotten worse. I can't tell if it's an overall problem with the finish or something that's just to be expected from darker finishes. One thing I did notice is that you can't see it in direct sunlight. It's only visible when it's cloudy. I'll attach pictures later today when the sun isn't hitting it. Any ideas for removing it?