blocked spa jets


Jun 5, 2015
Toronto Canada
My jets are not blowing water or air
I have a spill over spa with 7 jets and a dedicated spa jet pump . As well there are 2 tall pipes in the pump area which are open to the air which I presume are passive air injectors (venturi) I don't have any schematics about how the pool is plumbed underground.
There is one common suction to the spa and main pumps in the bottom of the spa and then the water splits and part goes through the heater and part through spa pump and supplies the jets
My jets got weaker and weaker even though the jet pump seems to be working fine
now there is no output and I noticed that somehow the skimmer basket is missing from the jet pump likely for months
and I think we have leaves in the pipes or something blocking them
how do I go about blowing out the pipes or testing them especially when there is an air hookup as well
as I guess I need to block some pipes

your help much appreciated


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May 20, 2020
Katy TX
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If you have no pump basket you likely have leaves or debris in your pump impeller which is causing the lack of flow. You need to remove that debris. You may want to draw out your plumbing diagram to help for future need.


Jun 5, 2015
Toronto Canada
bang on hermantx I found an acorn and a whole pile of leaves in the motor impellor
the amazing thing is that the water was still flowing through the motor as seen through the one way valve
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