Blinking Hayward ColorLogic 2.5


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Nov 5, 2007
Last night my pool light (Hayward ColorLogic 2.5) begin to rapidly blink. I tried changing programs by turning off and back on within 10 seconds, but with no luck. Anyone else experience this type of problem or know how to fix it?



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Nov 5, 2007
Unfortunately I have tried switching on and off immediately with no luck. Never heard of disco mode, but I have cycled through the programs several times before and have never seen this mode before or anything like it.


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May 4, 2007
Try turning off for more than 10 secs but less than 14. I believe this will sync if you have multiple lights, just maybe it will reset something and fix your issue. If not call the manufacturer.


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Feb 4, 2008
If the light is blinking on and off (o x o x o x) This is a hardware problem either with the light itself or the switch it is connected to. (if you upgraded from an incandescent light, they may have been using a switch designed for incandescent lights only)
If the light is changing colors rapidly (a b c d e f) this is the 'mardi gras' mode on the color logic light. It should change to the next mode normally, by turning the light off and back on within 10 seconds. Turning the light off and back on after 10-14 seconds resets the light to color mode #1. If neither of those gets it out of this mode, it's time to get some warranty work done.


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Jan 24, 2008
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I would turn off the power by the breaker that feeds your panel. Sounds like the electronics in the controller doesn't want to change out of one mode. So as an electrician I would turn off the power by the breaker for a minute then turn back on and see what happens.
The next thing I would try is pull the battery in the remote and manually switch modes by your manual switch in your control box (if you have one) or turn the 120v breaker on and off to see if it sequences.