Bleached liner after startup?


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Apr 1, 2010
I usually do my own startups but decided to hire a professional this year (since I ended up having them close my pool in the fall).

They botched the opening pretty bad. Most equipment wasn't started, antifreeze wasn't purged, they dumped most of what was on the cover into the pool, etc.

Anyways it took me about 2.5 weeks to clean up the mess and finally get the pool clear enough to see what was going on (it was extremely cloudy).

Once it cleared up, I noticed the liner was extremely light everywhere under the waterline (this was a deep blue liner the same company installed last June for me, so less than a year old). I kept the water well balanced over the last two weeks trying to get it cleared up. The only time was after they left FC was high.

I realized now they had told me they added and billed me for 30L of liquid chlorine while they were opening it. This is a 75-80,000L pool and would have been about 20" down on water when they added this chlorine. I've never used liquid chlorine but this seems to be excessive doesn't it? Could this be why things had faded?

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If my calculations are correct, 30L is = to just about 8 gallons. If your pool was full (26K), adding that much chlorine (8.25% strength) increases FC by about 27. Seeing as how you had less water in preparation for opening, if may have ended-up being a little higher. The effect of the bleach depends solely on what your CYA was at the time the bleach was added. It's not uncommon for someone with a summer CYA of 70 to SLAM at an FC of 28. But if your pool had little or no CYA (depleted from winter), then the FC was actually much harsher on the liner. Do you know if there was ANY stabilizer (CYA) or if they added any? Other Experts here know how to calculate that out, for me it's simple math. :) But in short, if they just arbitrarily dumped 8 gallons of bleach in there without confirming the CYA level, there's a good chance it was too strong. Note, I based my estimates off of regular 8.25% strength. Some technicians use 10 or 12% strength, so you can see how the FC could've been much stronger.


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May 18, 2013
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Well since it was the same company that installed, closed and opened. Call up the owner and have him come take a look.
You either got a cheap liner or they used to much chlorine.