Bleach...what brand?


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Mar 18, 2008
Garden State
I am getting ready to pull the cover off and see what I have to deal with. I plan to start with a combination of the BBB and using some of the tri-chlor pucks I have left over from last season and move to 100% BBB as time goes on.

If not using the 12.5% liquid chlorine from the pool store or other source, what brands of bleach does everyone use? Walmart seems to sell a store brand under the label of Ultra Bleach for a much better price than I have found Clorox. I saw another post of Aldi's selling bleach at a good price; need to locate an Aldi's to see what they have locally. Is there any reason to go with Clorox - are there any issues of other brands not being a true 6% concentration that is on the label or anything like that?

Once again, thanks to everyone in advance...

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Mar 28, 2007
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Clorox Regular unscented is 6% and marked on the bottle as such. Most off-brand Ultra bleaches are also 6% but are usually not marked so you somewhat take your chances. Most off-brand Regular bleaches are very weak, some less than 3%, a few at 5.25%. Other pool users have used Wal-Mart Ultra bleach and as far as we know it behaves as if it's 6%. In fact, it may actually be better to use an off-brand Ultra bleach since Clorox has been adding sodium polyacrylate in their Clorox Regular bleach since April, 2005 (see this thread). I still do not have a definitive answer from Clorox on the effects of this additive.

[EDIT] I stand corrected on off-brand not labeling their bottles. As seen in the posts below, they often do and it's 6%. Must just be my local grocery store brands that aren't labeling. [END-EDIT]



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May 7, 2007
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I have bought several brands that were clearly labeled as 6% and never had any problems. Be very wary of brands that don't list the percentage.


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Jul 9, 2007
Big Lots sells one called Sno-ee Bleach which is 3% (called the manufacturer and verified).

As for the WalMart Great Value Ultra bleach, it is 6% Sodium Hypochlorite. Here's the link to their MSDS. Just place Ultra Bleach in the Product Name and you'll get all the brands they sell.

Safeway had their 1.46 gallon of Ultra Bleach on sale for $2.50 last week which is cheaper than WalMart. I think the sale is over, but just a reminder don't forget about the grocery store brands.


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Apr 22, 2008
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I just picked up some of the Ultra Bleach at Walmart the other day and noticed some of their infamous funny pricing. A 96 ounce bottle is $1.00, while a 176 ounce bottle is $2.28. The small bottles have a better price per ounce. You really have to watch what you buy at Walmart as the bigger package isn't always the better deal. :(


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Jun 12, 2007
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ivyleager said:
NicInNC said:
I bought Tundra brand from Aldi's at 99 cents for a 96oz bottle. It specifically lists that it's 6% on the bottle.
If you're in NC, where did you find and Aldi's???? Inquiring minds wat to know. That's a great price.
My little town, Kernersville. It's between Winston-Salem and Greensboro. It just opened about a year ago. There is an Aldi in Winston-Salem. I'm not sure where others are located though. You can look here: ... U_HTML.htm