Bleach shortage


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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
For the household or the pool??
Skippy picked up 4 gallons of Pool Essentials liquid chlorine at Walmart last week for the pool (we actually only needed one to get us til the pool is warm enough to turn on the SWG again) so I guess we're all set with extra strong bleach for household/laundry needs.
Check the pool aisle cause as you say... it may be there when folks don't realize pool liquid chlorine is the same (albeit stronger) as household bleach.

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Mar 27, 2019
Costco was insane today with people grabbing toilet paper and paper towels like they were flat screen tv's on Black Friday. Many people had Clorox in their carts and it was gone pretty fast too. I went to Home Depot after to get some chlorine and they had about 100 gallons with most only a couple weeks old. I bought 12 gallons and I don't think anyone even thinks about chlorine in the pool section.

Also, no one is buying trichlor pucks to sanitize their house....


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Oct 16, 2017
San Antonio, TX
My local pool store sells four gallons of 12.5% liquid chlorine for $22 and they have a ton of it lol. Guess I'm buying from them until I find a better deal. I'll never buy Bravo again. For pool or household.


Apr 4, 2017
Rochester, NY
I'm wondering what happens when New York State closes non-essential businesses, shortly before I want to open my pool. I bought about 25 gallons of 10% bleach at the pool store (which yes, I know degrades quickly depending on storage temperature) but I'm really wondering if I should buy some stabilized pucks just in case. No WAY am I staring at a green, unusable pool after my family of five has been "isolating" for months. It's already difficult and it's only been a few days!!! Anyone else have a plan for if/when liquid chlorine isn't available? I'm looking for options... * planner * over here. It's killing me that I haven't solved the problem already, so please don't tell me everything will be fine and I can trust that the grocery store will have bleach by then. Not feeling so trusting at the moment!

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