Bleach and Muriatic Acid On Sale


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Jul 18, 2016
Whitesboro, TX
I just wanted to let everyone know that Atwoods has 10% bleach on sale for $1.88 a gallon and muriatic acid for $2.88 a gallon for the whole month of April. Most of their locations are Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas but they have a few in Kansas and one in Southwest Missouri. Here is two pictures one is of the sale ad and the other is a picture of their locations. I'm knee deep in a slam so this is good news!


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Mar 29, 2008
Los Angeles, Ca
I compared Costco bleach prices to Home Depot chlorine, adjusting for % and fl oz per jug.
HD is about 75 cents cheaper then a Costco 3 pack.

But Costco stores inside a temp controlled building, HD stores chlorine outside, sometimes in the sun.
And we go to Costco all the time, so I'll probably just buy a pack or two from Costco as I need it.

Also, I'm sure Costco goes through a lot of bleach, so it should be pretty fresh.


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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
You're right about HD.... Lowes too... stay away from their bleach. Saving 0.75 isn't a savings if you're buying weak chlorine in water.....

If you're an Executive Member of Costco you do get that yearly rebate :)

Yippee :flower: