Blaster 2000: me like


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Aug 31, 2015
Harrison, NY
Just a quick note to those who have cartridge filters. I recently bought a set of Pleatco filters for my Pentair C&C 420 and a Blaster 2000. I put the new filters in at opening this year and all was well until we got a massive rainstorm that dropped ~3" of rain in 4 hours in the NE. Sadly, my pristine pool that was nearly ready for swimming got swamped by some ground water that overran the hardscape. It is now a brown mess.

To remediate, I brought FC levels to SLAM levels and drained to waste enough water to allow the skimmers to work. The new filters were quickly causing back pressure issues. I decided to employ my new Blaster and I can say I'm a convert. The Pleatco filter material sheds dirt easily and I was able to clean all 4 filters in about 20 minutes (while I did other things). Back pressure back to new levels. I still have a few days to clear the muck, but I will be using the Blaster every few days to keep things from getting out of hand. If it holds up for the long term, it is a great investment. I snagged mine off Ebay for ~$116 shipped.