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Dec 20, 2016
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Salt Water Generator
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Pentair Intellichlor IC-60
So my spa check valve needed to be replaced, unions for the salt cell both had cracks too.

Issue 1: wanted to put in a new 3 way valve too but had no way to turn off pool return. (Pool is elevated above pool equipment. Thanks Mr. Gravity!)
Had an extra ball valve so i somehow was able to install that before the pool totally drained out...
Issue 2: I had a few spare 2" unions to replace the salt cell ones, but guess what, different threadings...?!::#+* waiting for Amazon to come to the rescue today.

A day in the life... Hehe
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Jul 10, 2012
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Get yourself some return blockers as well as something to block off the skimmer for the future. Once you get them you will not need them again LOL at least that is how it goes at my house :roll:

OF COURSE the threads were different sigh...............but glad you found what was wrong and know how to fix it! Well done!
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