Black on ceramic tiles... algae?


Mar 14, 2020
South Florida
New pool boy here... we just bought our first home with a pool. About a 15,000 gallon with salt generator in SE Florida.

The water is clear and bright, has been for the past two months since purchase.
I suspect the recently widowed PO we purchased from (a snow bird seasonal resident from Maine), the pool was a little neglected and likely 'dummied up' for the sale. I had to replace a flow sensor to get the InteliCHLOR 15 working as I found it disconnected from the power supply after the closing. It is producing well now.

Anyway, I have been wire brushing and wire brushing this black stain that seems to have impregnated the ceramic glaze??? Is that possible? This black stain is only evident at the waterline ceramic tiles. It has improved quite a bit over time, especially at first, as it would brown the water as I worked the around the pool perimeter edge. Now it seems that I merely polish the black algae with little progress in making it go away.

Any ideas how I should proceed?


TFP Expert
Mar 2, 2011
Black is almost always body oil and suntan lotion.

Get some regular Pool Perfect and a nylon scrubbie to clean it off the tile.

Don't use a metal brush on tile because it will damage the polished surface.