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Nov 15, 2018
Los Gatos
I had redone my pool about 10 years ago and gone with a small pebble tec finish that had the longer 30 year guarantee. One of the reason I went with the pebble tec, is because the old pool had black algae when I moved into the house and I thought that the coating would prevent black algae in the future. It didn't.

So my question is, do I approach the treatment any differently than I would approach a plaster pool. I've read the link here on black algae treatment

- It seems like a metal brush will rip apart the finish on pebble tec...
- I've read some people have used a chlorine tablet and rubbed it on the area or put granulated chlorine one the area...

Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks.


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Aug 22, 2017
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Pebble Tec is a plaster pool so follow that advice. When I had a black algae outbreak the chlorine tablet did not work for me, but its still worth a try.

The key to black algae is disrupting the surface. You need to break up the surface so the chlorine can attack it.

I actually took a mask and snorkel with a bamboo skewer to pick at all the spots. Then I poured chlorine directly on the spots. It dissipates fairly quickly but still does the job. I did that a bunch of times, combined with brushing the spots regularly and got rid of everything.

Once you have black algae get used to keeping your FC higher for the rest of time. I now use the recommended level as my new minimum level.


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Jul 21, 2013
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After you conquer your current black algae problem you should look into your water chemistry practices. Getting black algae again in a newly plastered pool says you are doing something fundamentally wrong. There is no reason for a pool to have ongoing black algae problems If it gets the proper care.
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