Black algae behind light


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Oct 23, 2021
Pool Size
Liquid Chlorine
This is my light. Pretty sure this is black algae. I have been fighting Chlorine for months. After my pump lid cracked and I lost prime over our family vacation… hence this.
Liner pool, sand filter, 6years old, (sand changes this year)this is my first full year caring for it.
After the company removed the light, I scrubbed it, soaked it in Chlorine, and scrubbed all the fixtures and walls in the pool. I skimmed all the particles, (black algae as big as leaves floating) and started to drain. I’m going to drain 10 inches or so, refill, vacuum, and chemically reset. I’m guessing shock the heck out of it, and chemically clean my filter? Closing in 16 days.
Any other advice?
Thanks in advance!
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