Bit of Groundwater Seepage - Issue?


Jun 29, 2010
Installing a vinyl over steel panel inground sport-bottom kit from Pool Warehouse. Excavated the other day, and at one end it's pretty muddy and there's a bit of water. There's a "T" where two supply lines for my irrigation system run off in opposite directions from the main feed neat this end of the dig, and at first I thought I'd damaged it when installing the paver patio over it. But I turned the main irrigation shutoff off and the water still seems to be seeping a bit, so I think it's just groundwater. Is this volume anything to be concerned about? The other corner is the same (though the middle is fairly dry). IMG_1668.JPG

Any precautions I need to take during wall install? I have a small 13/HP zero-clearance portable utility pump, but there's nowhere near enough water for that to do anything.


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Jul 3, 2013
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I would install a sump pit for sure for your install.. Make sure all water is able to get to the pit... Here are a couple good recommendations :)

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