Bilt Mor pool Ladder/Steps


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May 15, 2010
Dayton, Ohio
Does anyone know if you can use this type of pool steps with and Intex Ultra Frame Pool? The instructions include something about securing with screws to the tops reail of the pool but wasn't sure if this was a must. There is one on Craigslist for sale and am looking for a resin ladder as the Intex ladders are crappy and unstable.


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Jul 28, 2008
You should be able to use it with the intex as long as it has the additional ladder attachment for the outside of the pool.

They may not be as stable as you would like though as NW is correct in that they need to "attach" to something to be stable. I have a similar issue with my Biltmor steps that I am working to resolve now as I have no deck around my pool (and won't).

You will also need to be sure to weight the steps down inside they pool as they float like mad!! Some 3" PVC pipe with concrete in it works well and it will be what I do here very shortly.