Big storm..lots of stuff in pool..drop in filter pressure???


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Sep 19, 2007
We had a huge storm yesterday. Chairs blew around, plants tipped over, lots of debris in pool. I immediately put the cleaner in and checked the skimmers. The shallow end was not too bad but definitely had lots of potting soil and peat moss in it. Cleaned it out. the deep end skimmer was pretty much full to the top of the basket. I cleaned it out good also. I then cleaned them out another time last night, they wre not nearly as bad.

I did notice that my "normal" filter pressure of 17 has dropped to about 14 or so. I have no water leaks and both skimmers are "skimming". I do have a double drain on bottom and assume it is draining also..most of the debris was on the slope and by the sides of the hopper, I did not see any by the bottom drains. What woulod cause this pressure drop?

the stairs and swim out are still pretty dirty. We are goig out to vacuum them in a few minutes. We are also going to backwash the filter. What could have caused the pressure drop? Any ideas? We are not very informed about the pool equipment in taking it apart and inspecting and such, just the normal backwash and cleaning filter baskets and such.


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May 20, 2007
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I don't know if this makes sense, but.....

I have a bottom drain circulation system. When i switch it to "full" my pressure is 3 or 4 psi lower than if I am on the top skimmer or half/half....

So with yours, I suspect you may have a blockage on one of your lines? Usually you backwash when your pressure rises, right? So if you have a blockage pressure would drop? Not sure but I wonder if somethings in one of your bottom drains?

Be sure to keep your chlorine up, it might be a good idea to shock your pool.

Sounds like a nasty storm. Hope all are safe! :-D