Big Mistake


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Jun 16, 2009
Hey guys, I was out of country when my swg broke, so I texted my wife to have my son run to neighboring dairy to pick up a few gallons of chlorine to treat a pool that had 15 plus swimmers that day with zero FC according to her. He came home and dumped in three gallons. They texted me that night that pool was slightly cloudy, and FC was .5, I assumed full on algae and had them do 3 more. Same story the next morning, more cloudy and 1 FC, so asked them to repeat and I would be arriving that night. When I saw it, it was cloudy and dull, I fixed swg and added enough liquid chlorine that I bought at pool story while getting swg part to bring up to slam level. Within a hour pool turned white. I was mildly concerned, but figured tons of dead algae, but after two days of filtering with no effect and FC not dropping, I figured something is wrong. TA is 260, so I had my son show me what chlorine he borrowed from isn't straight Sodium Hypochorite, rather a product called Tri Pfan, a "concentrated chlorinated alkaline detergent" . I need one of you chemist guys to steer me here. I think I maybe need to acidify the pool to bring it back clear?
Here is tri pfan info

Hear are my numbers...
FC 10 (never really dropped much after bringing to 14, so maybe not very much algae.
pH= 7.9
TA= 260
Pool is around 35000 gallon vinyl with SWG.


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May 23, 2015
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It's basically 12% bleach with A LOT more caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) in it than normal bleach AND it also contains a polyacrylate detergent which can cause cloudiness in the water. I suspect your pH spiked up quite a lot and calcium scale formed (what's your CH?). Given the high TA, high pH and polyacrylate, you're going to be filtering scale for a while. Keep an eye on your DE filter pressure as it will load up easily.

Get your pH and TA down and SLAM the pool if needed.