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Hey, I'm Jeff. :-D
I'm a power plant engineer in NYC and just bought a house 2 yrs ago with a 16*32 IG 20,500Gal
It has a lop loc cover and its been a swamp the past 2 years I've opend it.
last year i had a pool company open it many to se what they did which was pretty much, pull the over off letting every thing on the cover drop in. It was a swamp they set up the pump, said keep shocking it, and run the filter.
Great, well every time I vacuumed, the DE filter and the suction basket and the skimmers would get plugged. So with the help of Ebay, bought a 1.5hp hayward superpump, hayward cx900 cart filter and a few valves and PVC and build a stand alone vac pump. worked great. Wasn't into the chems like i should have been, Just watched the Cl and PH with a little drop test kit i bought. Seemed to work. Water stayed clear most of the season, Weather was cool and only was in the pool 3 times, hate cold water!!

This year It was "Do it yourself time." with my tag line "How hard could this be."
I pull cover, I see black swamp. I shock , I shock. I pour hypo 5.3%, baking soda, I find this website and its like chem class all over again. 7.0/7.3, 8.0 oh shoot how the hell that happen, TA=50/80/180? shoot.
I decided to replace the DE filter, only because I have nowhere to backwash it.
I replaced it with another hayward cx900 using the same 1.0hp superfilter.
while i was trying to build new piping I had a jumper hose from the skimmer suction to the vac pump.
I figured this will clear up shortly, One mans shortly is another mans long 2 weeks. after i started i got called for jury duty and had to stop everything in the middle, long story short, after 3 weeks and over 40 gals of hypo and powder shock and other stuff I should have not even bothered with I'm starting to see the bottem of the deep end.
When they say POPP oh man do they mean it!!!
Good luck to everyone who knows whay a swamp means!!! :mrgreen:
I have a white liner with blue dots on it and I can see the dots on the deep end and the vac head on the rod. Its still slightly cloudly but can see the side walls and most of the rest of the pool. I posted my numbers and a short saga on algae fourm. I got a reply to shock more, i cant lift any more gallons of CL, haha
Next yr I'm just going to order a pallet from the pool store and start from there, or buy a couple of 55 gal drums and get a bulk order.
:mrgreen: jeff


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Jul 15, 2007
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Next yr I'm just going to order a pallet from the pool store and start from there, or buy a couple of 55 gal drums and get a bulk order.

Nahhh . . . because next year you're not going to open a swamp. You will have learned how to keep your pool clean with really very little time, effort, and money. While the Swamp Thing is always lurking, ready to move in, we know how to hold it at bay!

Welcome to TFP! I liked reading your success story, especially the part about POP.
The end of this yr. I'm thinking about putting a solid cover over my lop-loc cover, has anyone done this? good idea? :?:
I have trees on every corner of the pool and the leaves and dirt in the spring and fall is unreal.
It just sits on the cover and rots, this is the second yr I fought the swamp.
Its clean and clear now. But I really dont want to do this next yr. :x


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Apr 4, 2007
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If you put a solid cover on it, you'll have to pump the water off regularly. My Loop-Loc is flat, and leaves etc. just blow away after it dries a day or two. Maybe your water level is getting too high and holding the cover down. I drain mine to the skimmer 2 or 3 times during the winter.