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Jun 5, 2020
Austin, TX
Hi, I've been browsing for a while, and actually got started here learning how to keep our spa clear. We are just getting started evaluating a bid for this. I'll take all the advice I can get, but have a few specifics to follow up on below. I'll plan to post pictures as we progress through the project.

Size and Shape
Dimensions14'x29' with a 7'x14' ledge off one side
Depth3'6" to 6' deep (current drawing shows 3'6"x6'x4'6", but we've revised this - I know lots of people recommend 4', but with my wife being very short and our kids still being young, I haven't been able to convince to go any deeper)
BenchFull length on both sides

Bond Beam(4) #4 horizontal bars continuous
Walls and Floors#4 rebar spaced 10" on center
Gunite12" Bond Beam-8-10" Walls/Floors

PumpPentair Intelliflow VSF
Cleaner PumpPentair Booster
FilterPentair Clean and Clear 520
Auto FillPool Miser
Main drains2
SanitizationPentair 320 tablet chlorinator

Paramount Ultra UV-Lamp 230V (planning to take this off based on previous reading)
CleanerPentair racer pressure side cleaner
ControlPentair Easy Touch + Screen Logic Bundle

Lighting and Features
Lights2x Pentair Intellibrite 5G Color LED 120v-100c
Pentair Globrite LED w/ Bubbler
Water featureRaised beam grotto w/ 48" sheer descent (grotto interior ~6' of length with bench)

Drains2x 2.5" PVC
Skimmers2" PVC
Sidewall drain3" PVC
Returns4x 2" PVC

Again, looking for feedback on any of it, but have the following specific questions:
  • Definitely going to ask about SWCG. My biggest concern here is if they want to void some significant part of our warranties based on this (it's Texas), in which case I'll deal with adding chlorine manually each day. If we do go with SWCG, does it make sense to leave the inline chlorinator in for potential rare usage, or should we take it out entirely?
  • Any specific thoughts on the return placements given the layout and the benches? I was considering adding a 5th return inside the grotto to help keep the bench clear.
  • I had not heard anything about lueder coping prior to seeing this bid, and the only other post I've seen about it sounds like it's not great regardless of SWCG or not. Wanted to double check if anyone has specific experience here as well as anything in particular I should ask about.
  • We were considering adding heat in some form to extend our season a little bit. From what I've read so far, it sounds like a heat pump would probably be enough given we're relatively warm here. What I haven't been able to understand is if the heat pump will help us cool in the really hot parts of the summer, or if that's an additional piece of equipment. Also interested in anybody's experience around heaters if you live in this part of the country.
  • What are people's experiences with the different PebbleTec finishes? What are the tradeoffs between the tec, fina and sheen?
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Apr 27, 2018
Midland, MI

I was just going to ask you to go with a SWCG pool. If you do this, you wouldn’t need a Chlorinator to my understanding.
As far as the return jets, 4 seems to be okay, but if you’re considering 5th one, then I’ll let an expert chime in here shortly about that. I’m not sure about whether a 5th one would make a difference.
I have no experience with lueder coping, I’ll let an expert chime in shortly.
I live in Michigan and a pool heater does come in very handy. We swim in the early spring and down to the fall. Are you planning on getting a solar cover for your pool? Apologies if you mentioned this already. However, if you are getting a solar cover, it would help keep your pool warm in tx. However living in your area, that won’t be a problem. I definitely need a heater in Michigan and if I were living in tx, I don’t know if I’ll get a heater. However knowing how I am, I’ll get one just incase I need it. Lol.
I’ll also let an expert chime in here with your last question.

good luck. Stay safe.

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Welcome to TFP! :wave: I'm going to have to let some of the others chime in with opinions about some of your questions. I don't heat since after about 6-7 months I'm ready for a break. But if you get the SWG, you won't need the inline 320. I don't know what it is about some builders or locations and salt, but you can always add it later on your own if it becomes a sticking point in the contract. Have a nice weekend., :swim:


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Jun 5, 2020
Austin, TX
Thanks for the welcome!

I haven’t looked that closely at solar covers yet, but may be an option. Measuring by when we go to the neighborhood pool today where water temperature feels comfortable (probably just warm preference here), we are probably closer to a 5 month season (May-September). Would want to stretch that more like late March-early October if possible. Spent some time doing my own research on the heat pump, and it does sound like it could potentially help keep the temp down as well when it’s really hot in July and August. Anybody have experience with how effective that aspect of it is?

On the SWCG, how involved of a change is adding that after the fact? How much needs to be accounted for on the equipment pad?
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Jul 2, 2018
Austin, TX
Hello from Austin. I would go with IntelliCenter instead of EasyTouch. IntelliCenter is Pentair’s latest automation product. Just like you wouldn’t buy a 10 year old iPhone, you shouldn’t go with their old technology. It should be around the same price too.​


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Jun 5, 2020
Austin, TX
Thanks, good call out. I felt like I had seen some threads in the past voicing disappointment with Intellicenter, but looking back for them it looks like they were mostly from when it first came out.


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Jul 2, 2018
Austin, TX
Thanks, good call out. I felt like I had seen some threads in the past voicing disappointment with Intellicenter, but looking back for them it looks like they were mostly from when it first came out.
I love mine. There are some minor bugs, but it’s more than worth it. Just like most tech items now, every time Pentair releases a new update, it downloads and installs it automatically