Beware of falling fish....


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Mar 2, 2011
I think that raining fish is a sign of the apocalypse.

Seventh sign: And fish shall rain down upon thee from the sky.

It's either that or we're being invaded by alien fish from one of the planets around Trappist-1.


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May 23, 2015
Tucson, AZ
Doesn't Dave live in Winter Haven...maybe he pulled back to hard on the fishing pole and flung the fish into his neighbor's pool...

If not, I vote alien fish....

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Apr 17, 2010
East Texas
I just thought they had those walking catfish down there------------not the flying ones.


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Sep 24, 2015
Atlantic Beach, FL
We have ospreys that nest a couple of streets over each year and we're always seeing them fly over with fish (ocean is three blocks away). I figure it's just a matter of time before we find a mullet or whiting in the pool!