Better to remove leaves from pool or mesh cover?


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Aug 14, 2010
Northern Virginia
Our pool is directly under two large oak trees. We have been getting large amounts of acorns and recently leaves falling for the past month, and I look up to all that will still come down!?! Should we close the pool sooner or later???

If we close -- The pool came to us with a loop-loc mesh cover, which when we arrived was full of leaves which had stained the pool water and plaster through the cover. It doesn't look like it will be easy to sweep leaves/acorns off of the cover.

If we leave open -- I had my first experience with a leaf bagger run off the garden hose today and it was very slow to use. The Polaris has coped pretty well up til now but will it be able to keep up, if we use a skimmer net to get all the floating stuff off as well?

Anyone have any helpful hints on coping with this issue... Thanks!

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Jun 22, 2009
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We have large live oaks around our pool and the best thing I've found is use a leaf net to scoop the acorns off the pool. With a cover, I've seen reports of using a leaf blower to blow the acorns and leaves off a cover.


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May 20, 2007
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A properly tensioned safety cover, especially mesh, is pulled taught and sits above the pool water, not in the water. Leaves and other debris typically blows right off. Wet leave will soon dry and blow away. Heavier loads can be pushed off the middle with a pool brush on a pole.

If you cover is loose, sagging, and sitting in the drink, the leaves and acorns will steep like a tea bag. The straps need to be shortened a little on each side to tighten it up.

Letting the leaves just fall in will make a swamp that is a MAJOR PITA to clean up.


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