Bestway Power Steel AGP Filter Pump Dead


May 12, 2021
Lake Tapps, WA
I have an 18’x9’x48” Bestway Power Steel AGP and my Filter Pump that it came with just went dead. I think it may have overheated in this 113° Washington State does not usually have. Anyway, I need a new pump and rather than just replacing it for the same pump, I’m considering a sand pump only or a sand pump/salt water system combo. However, I know NOTHING about any of this and would love to hear from you so I know how to even get started. I need to hurry though….90° weather will have this pool green in a week! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!!

The “I’m so over it” mom who didn’t even want a pool! Haha!


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Jul 3, 2013
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It will not turn green as long as you add liquid chlorine daily and brush the whole pool.. FC/CYA Chart

Are you looking for another Intex type pump and filter, they are more expensive as normal pumps and filters right now... Even if you can find them..

This is a better filter and pump for less

This one is even better with a bigger filter

Hope this helps :)
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