Bestway pool leg bent


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Dec 23, 2020
Very glad to have found this forum! We put up our first above ground pool the other day, a 16ft round Bestway (we are in NZ, from what I understand Bestway are very similar to Intex).
Overall the set up seems good, and the ground is firm. Unfortunately the lawn guy knocked one of the legs with his ride-on mower and dented it. I’ve watched it carefully over the past couple of days and it doesn’t appear to have gotten any worse.
I’ve attached a pic, would love some advice on what our options are. Would it be ok to leave? Add some temporary wooden supports for the season (I have seen people on here use 2x4’s) and look to replace it for next season? Or drain and replace now? I’ve had a look around and replacement legs are not easy to come by in NZ so that is something to factor in.



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Jul 3, 2013
Fletcher, OK
I bet it will be just fine, keep an eye on it and see if you can find a replacement leg just for standby in case it starts to bend more... if it does bend more I would replace it... :)
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