Best way to install Intelliflo VS with an older Polaris EOS 3 - part 2


Feb 18, 2014
Alta Loma, CA
Hi everyone
I just reviewed this thread after googling my situation

While it is helpful, I have a few questions about a similar install. We recently purchased a home with a pool built in 2006/7 period.

The pool is about 17k gallons (my best guess), with a spa that is elevated by about 5 feet, and there is a deck where water spills down onto a small platform then again into the pool

The pool system and backyard lighting is connected to a Polaris Eos 3 system (actually there are 2 of them), one appears to be an expansion module as it has no display. besides the pool system (filters, valves pumps etc) there are about 8 devices, such as 12v lights, fountain, several stations of pole lights etc controlled by the EOS

The pool setup is as follows
main pump (whisperflo 2hp) that circulates through the filter with a jandy valve that allows the pool to circulate and then swicthes to the spill mode which allows the water to spill out of the spa and I assume this is how the spa water does not become stagnant. There is an option for it to just circulate the spa too but I think that is not regularly run. I run that manually when heating up the spa

Pool heater and a salt chlorine generator are attached also

there are 2 more pumps (both 2hp whisperflo) - one is a spa only that does not seem to go through the filter system
the other is a water feature that allows water to spill out of the spa into the pool - this one seems redundant as the main pump can do this too

As it currently is programmed, the pool comes on about 3 hours a day (winter) and every other day I have the SPILL mode which allows the water go through the spa and spill into the pool so the water is not stagnant there. Also the spa loses about an inch of water a day so I dont want the pebble tech to dry out by not running it less often

When the pool pump goes from pool to spill mode, the pump stops for a few seconds as the valve turns and then it turns back on

LONG story but here is my question, it seems the pool pump is the single most expensive thing to run in my electricity bill

How do I get a intelliflo attached to the eos 3 without throwing out the whole panel (x2) and can i somehow coordinate the valve swicthing etc.

If I could ONLY do the pool, I may be ok as the water feature pump can still circulate the water out of the spa

will the chlorine generator still work properly ?


Feb 18, 2014
Alta Loma, CA
I had a hayward ecostar pump installed and the installer was able to connect it directly. I can not change the RPMs from the remote but those can be programmed via the console on the pump and the eos remote can simply change from presets - works well


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May 7, 2007
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When using an IntelliFlo with a different brand automation system you will probably want to get an IntelliComm II. That will allow the automation system to change pump speeds.
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