best way to install IC60 and IntellipH


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Mar 6, 2019
Fremont, CA
Hi - I've decided to convert to a SWG system and will be installing an IC60 along with an IntellipH. I'm not sure if I really need the IntellipH, but since I'm going to cut up the plumbing, I figure might as well do the IntellipH at the same time. I also like the fact that the acid will keep the IC60 cleaner (not to mention the convenience of not having to add acid). Below is a picture of my plumbing and my thought about how to insert things. Any suggestions?

A couple of questions:
1. Should I add a check valve before the Intelliph? Or a bypass of the whole acid/salt system?
2. Should the 3 way valve on the return just be raised up by 2 feet or so because my plumbing will be higher coming out of the SWG? Or should I rotate the valve 90 degrees at the same location to connect to a pipe coming downward? Obviously, I would need to cut out the 3 way in order to rotate it 90 degree, but I wasn't sure if it's OK to have it rotated (e.g. does the face of the valve need to be in any particular orientation?). The advantage of rotating the valve 90 degrees is that only the downward pipe needs to be extended. If the valve stays in the current orientation but is raised 2 feet higher, the two legs of the return would need to be longer.

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Dec 26, 2019
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No need for a check valve before the IntellipH. I would add a heater bypass loop while you are it.

Regarding the orientation of your return valve, that is a personal preference. The face of the valve doesn't need to be in any specific orientation. I have some where the actuator faces up, and others where it is hanging off the side.

I will say, I believe that Pentair has cautioned against, or possibly said it wasn't compatible, installing the IntellipH with the IC60 cell. I know there are several threads on here about burning up IntellipH connector contacts on this combination.

Looks like you have the SWCG oriented appropriately, with the flow going vertical up, through the unit.



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Mar 6, 2019
Fremont, CA
Thanks for the suggestions Jeff. I didn't realize there might be an incompatibility between IntellipH and the IC60. I believe my pool is between 22 and 25K gallons. Originally, i thought it was closer to 30K and thought the IC60 is the best choice, but maybe IC40 would be ok.
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