Best Value Robot in Australia?


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Aug 23, 2020
I see the S200 is often praised here for it's value, though in Australia the price is $2049AUD or $1500 USD. Do I need to just suck it up and pay the Australia tax or are there better options here?

I have a 40,000L fiberglass pool with a vinyl liner. It's rectangular with fairly curved edges and a step at the end.

2 examples of other options:

Baracuda Gotcha Robotic Floor & Wall Pool Cleaner

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May 3, 2014
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Sorry you have not received any replies. Let's see if some of our Aussie members are up yet------


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Jan 13, 2020
Sydney Australia
I just bought the s200. I looked at the equivalent models like the x30 and Trident but they didn't have the weekly timer or swivel cable. I don't need the caddy so didn't want to pay extra for that.
2year warranty if you buy here. Not sure if you will get that if you buy one OS. I've never had my FG pool so clean, the ultra fine filters are great.
I've only tried the s200 so I can't comment on other Brands.

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Sep 7, 2020
Sydney Australia
I am also in a similar position to the OP. Looking for recommendations for a robotic cleaner for in-ground concrete pool with glass beading (Jewels 4 Pools to be exact).
Whilst the recommendations I see here (that is, on these forums) is generally the Dolphin S200/Pentair Warrior SE I'd like to hear from fellow Aussies about the following aspects of their robotic cleaner.

1. Efficacy. This one I am not too concerned about as there's plenty of advice already about which ones work best.
2. Longevity. Not keen on the thing carking it after 5 years or so. If I'm paying around $2,000 AUD I want it to last a Dang long time!
3. Customer support. If the robot starts playing up I want a retailer and/or manufacturer to care about my predicament and do something promptly and cheerfully.
4. Ideally I'll be keeping the robot in the pool underneath the blanket, unless I am swimming in which case I'll drag it out. Now I know that's not the proper way to look after your prized toy, but for those of you who are also in this practise, what can you recommend? Or do I just succumb to the weekly in and out exercise? This question sort of is aligned with CRAD_oz post above...what's the point of a weekly timer if you're taking the the robot out of the water and it's unplugged? So by having a weekly timer, does that mean the s200 is designed to stay in the pool?

TL:DR, am looking to buy a durable, efficient robot which wont break down after a couple of years.


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Sep 7, 2020
Guys, I too am an Aussie (Sydney) and in the same boat - renovating a concrete inground pool and looking for a robot.

I have done a fair bit of reading and whilst still undecided have the following observations

1) Warranty in Australia is going to suck - nowhere seems to be longer than 12 months - however it would probably be a good argument that spending $2K it would be expected to last longer and you could have a good case to take them to DFT under statutory warranty laws - however your pool is still getting dirty whilst that is happening !
2) The whirlpool home/garden forum has more Aussies on there so it is another source of information
3) I am leaning towards the Barracuda unit (can be purchased from Bunnings) as they are all part of the Zodiac group and spare parts are easily (and cheaply) sourced - there are also lots of good sourced from 3rd party cheaper parts.
4) The other option which is expensive is the Robo-tek pool cleaners - $1800 still a short warranty but get great reviews on the various sites and their service seems second to none.