Best type of pool near active stone quarry blasting?

Hello all!

I'm a previous pool owner of a Viking fiberglass pool. We just moved to a new house with more land and it is screaming for a swimming pool, but we are about 1.5mi from an active stone quarry where we hear and feel the blasting on occasion during the week. Not much, but noticeable.

Not really considering another fiberglass, only because we want more swim surface and FG is limited to a 16ft width (it's actually less), so now looking at either a gunite or vinyl liner pool. Thoughts?

Most neighbors who have pools here have gunite pools and they claim no issues (only one has a fiberglass lap pool and no one has vinyl liner). Meanwhile neighbors without pools claim hairline cracks in foundations of their houses or patios from the blasting and would never get a pool (gunite). My only thoughts as to why no one has a VL pool is because a lot of people in this area think it looks cheap, but the potential of pool cracks concerns me.

I've never had a vinyl liner pool, nor have I swam in one, but watching YouTube videos, the potential for the liner popping out of track, bubbling up or getting wrinkles concerns me.

Am I being too paranoid? Our swim season is fairly short.. end of May to mid September would be longest season (if we're lucky).

I would love to hear any thoughts. I love having a pool so either way, one is getting built.

Thanks, in advance!


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Given the experience of other pool owners in your area, I'd say a gunite pool shouldn't be a problem. Just make sure they don't skimp on rebar or shell thickness!

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Here in earthquake country, everyone has gunite. In the 1989 Loma Prieta quake, about 1/3 of the water sloshed out of my condo association's pool, but the pool suffered no damage.
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