Best Time to Run SWG/Pump?

Hours per day you run your SWG

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Jun 26, 2007
NW Arkansas
How long do you run your SWGs?

Also, when you do think is the best time to run it, or do you think it matters? I could see logic in running during the sunlight, when clorine is being burned off. And I can see logic in running at night, so that the newly generated clorine has more time to sanitize and oxidize before being burned.

What do you all do?


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May 21, 2007
Carrollton, TX
I run mine twice a day starting at 6:00AM and a second cycle at 5:30PM. Each cycle is 1.5 hours with SWCG at 50%. I can get away with the shorter run times because my pool is only 7,000 gallons.
I run mine for about 5 hours during the heat of the day so my heatpump is going to be most efficient and again for 3 hours in the evening when I'm most likely to use the pool after work during the week.