Best tile and stainless cleaners/methods


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Jun 17, 2011
NW Florida
I have about 225 linear feet of 6" tile (porcelin, I think) from water level up, and stainless laders and handrail in and above the water.
We use a red scouring pad with a cleaning gel designed for the job on the tile which I think is less abrasive than 3M's green Scotch-Brite pads. We clean about once a week to remove the body oil, skin, etc that forms a scum :p It works ok- but I thought I would get some more advice before getting another bottle.

The stainless cleans up well with an automotive stainless cleaner, but takes a long time by hand. We may try a power buffer. It is clean and shiny underwater, so that is no problem.

Thanks for any advice and help!



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Aug 2, 2011
Clovis, Ca
PoolGuyNJ said:
I like using Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.

On the tile or the stainless?
Been considering those for our new hot tub as well but concerned about them breaking down while wet, Do you see this happen?


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Jul 16, 2010
Portland, Oregon
FWIW, Dollar Tree distributes a copycat magic eraser that is just as good as those expensive Mr. Clean ones. And you get two for a buck.

I would think the debris from the magic eraser sponges would be no different than any other debris in the pool. The filter or the vacuum will get it.


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May 22, 2011
I would use gloves if you are using magic erasers frequently. They have no chemical but are like a super-fine sandpaper, which will do a real number on your hands if you use them under water and apply lots of pressure--removes skin and you end up with a red burn. I do like them for greasy dark marks and for shining the ladders.

For routine scrubbing, I use baking soda that I've purchased in bulk at the beginning of the season. I pour half a cup at a time on a monster car-wash sponge to scour the tile line, letting the soda dissolve quickly into the water. With a big pool it shouldn't skew your water balance---but you might want to check if you use a lot. (It does dissipate quickly, so you have to move fast.)

I also notice I have a LOT more scum issues when I have many mermaids in the pool. They do love their hair-care products, body lotion, etc! Wish we had a solar shower poolside :?