Best solution for storing Pool Poles + Vaccum hose on Cabana


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Sep 2, 2010
In my area all we have available are those cheap blue hook kits that hold three poles.

Does anyone have a product that looks really nice and clean and works well for storing 3 poles and the Vaccum hose, etc on the outside of a Cabana wall. Would love to see some pictures to see the best way it can be done.


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Nov 5, 2008
We (that is my husband) put simple two prong hooks into the brick on the outside of the house. These are the sort that in a garage you'd use to hold a shovel perhaps; a screw back and two slightly curved extensions covered in grey plastic stuff, about 2/5 inches apart. He used two spaced as needed to balance the various poles. One pair for the big pole and the Wall Whale brush, one pair for the little pole and skimmer net, and one pair for the spa wand. The Spa Wand should have been hung vertically since the handle is starting to sag in the heat but there is no more room there to adjust. If I can find the items at Home Depot online I'll post it.
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