Best Sealer for Concrete Pavers?


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Jul 5, 2017
Wylie, Texas
Hi Guys!
So two Springs ago I sealed my concrete pavers and it looked great for a while (picture for reference) maybe until the following fall then it just kinda wore away everywhere except a few spots that do not get sun under the patio cover. I used Eagle Sealer EPS5 Clear Paver Sealer and I believe followed the instructions pretty well. I applied two coats alternating the direction of application on each coat. Anyone know of a better product or is applying this kind of an annual deal? It not only looks a lot better sealed but is also helps keep the polymeric sand in the joints. Any help would be appreciated!



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Mar 4, 2015
Sugar Land , TX
I just applied Miracle 511 Sealer & Enhancer (anti slip formula ). Bought the gallon size off Amazon. Made our slate dark and shinny again and made the travertine pavers a shade darker also. I also added a bag of no slip grit to the gallon before applying. It is expensive but 1 gallon did our 1900 sq ft of stone. Also used some on the stone on the pool walls, made that dark again also.