Best sealant for Oklahoma Sandstone coping


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Feb 14, 2016
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Pool is now 3 years old and Oklahoma sandstone coping (laminated, fine-grained sandstone that has a tendency to flake) is shedding small pieces and sand onto the steps around the pool. It was sealed (unknown sealant) when constructed, so guessing the sealant has worn out.

I've been web surfing and find 3 sealants that folks like. Wondering if anyone has more info on durability, longevity, etc. The three are Deck-o-Shield ($145 per gal on Amazon), Miracle 511 ($172 per gal on Amazon) and Stone Tech Salt Water Resistant Sealant ($110 per gal on Amazon).

I have a SWG so am looking for salt water resistant stuff. Pool is fairly small (80' perimeter) so estimate about 150 sq ft of coverage needed.

Any/all info appreciated. :confused:


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May 23, 2015
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DuPont StoneTec and DryTreat 40sk are top-of-the-line penetrating sealants. You don't wat to use sealants that leave a film behind; you want sealant that you mop/sponge on wet and then soak up the excess with a sponge or rag. The point is for the sealant to penetrate and bond, not to cover the stone surface.

Make sure the stone is properly cleaned first. Most sealer product will recommend removing any efflorescence or staining prior to sealing.

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