Best robotic pool cleaner under $500 and reputable online dealers!


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Dec 5, 2016
Charlotte, NC
Hello TFP members, I am currently shopping for a robotic cleaner and have looked at a few options under $500, I am currently looking at the Aquabot XL breeze and the Donley Kleen Pool Cleaner. Reviews elsewhere online are mixed and didn't know if any of you had any experience with these models or could suggest something else for a rectangle vinyl pool. Seems like the best places to get these price wise is at Backyard Pool Supply however the return policy seems dodgy at best, restocking fee's, pay to return shipping, only 30 day warranty and zero customer support. I know of no local stores in my area (North of Charlotte) that even has these in stock so I can actually see it before I buy it.
Any suggestion on which one you all recommend and best places to buy online would be very helpful.
Thanks again
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