Best professional leak detection equipment?

Matt Ush

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May 18, 2012
I'm looking into purchasing professional leak detection equipment. I know Anderson is a popular brand but what can anyone tell me about LeakTronics?

It looks pretty innovative from what I've seen on their videos..I like how I would have the ability to also send mics through pipes. I'm looking into purchasing their complete pro kit as well as their slide mic. I'm also going to purchase a tankless diving compressor for underwater repairs (different company) but I wanted to hear everyones' opinion before throwing away 5 grand.


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Jun 12, 2009
Exeter, PA
I use the anderson leak trac for finding holes in vinyl liners. The leak tronics looks neat but to be honest when I find a line is bad I usually just run an entire new line. Yes it is possible to locate the spot of damage and replace that one section but there are many occasions where a broken line is caused by nylon fittings falling apart and if one is broken the rest on the line aren't that far away. The tankless compressor is fun but keep in mind that you won't be able to use sound equipment while using it since it's noisy. I mostly use it for extensive underwater repairs for example patching around a maindrain or very large vinyl patches.

I would purchase the leak trac prior to the leaktronics

If you do purchase the leak trac maintain it like you would a rifle.
don't put it away wet, use steel wool to clean the brass parts free of oxidation
purchase lots of AA and 9V batteries (its needs 16 AA and 2 9v)
take the batteries out in the off season
keep a desiccant in the case

Matt Ush

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May 18, 2012
Thank you for the expert advice. Yes thats exactly what I was planning on doing with the compressor. I'd like to be able to dive the pool and make repairs for long periods of time without the expense of a tank that needs to be constantly refilled. I also do not have my scuba certification yet so I wouldn't even be able to have my tanks filled.

I agree with your repair advice. I always attempt to have them dig up and replace the entire plumbing line as opposed to just bits since we're already there ripping up concrete. The only reason I'm pushing towards the Leaktronics product line is because all their accessories are compatible with the same sound card/headphones and such.

I am certain that Anderson makes great products hence why we are comparing to them but I love how I would have the ability to send audio devices through the pipes. I feel it would make a world of difference to the customer if I can put headphones on their head and say bam, your leak is right here 15 inches in. It takes all the guessing out of the game.


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Nov 8, 2011
Rigid has a camera system that you can send into the pipe and show the customer exactly what is going on. It also has tone location to mark where the plumbing is just like utilities have to mark services.